/A1 Dialogues

Neler Aldın? (What Did You Buy?)

Aslı            : Zeynep, look what I got. Zeynep     : From shopping? Aslı            : Yes. There's a very good deal on sales. Zeynep    : Has the sale started? Aslı            : Sure, it has. Zeynep     : What did you buy? Aslı           : I bought this t-shirt an that [...]

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Video 10: Gezi nasıldı? (How was your trip?)

Kaan      : Hello Zeynep : Hello, welcome! All           : Hoş bulduk*   (*respond for welcome) Zeynep : Soo, how did it go? Kaan     : Really good. Murat    : But it was a little tiring. Zeynep : So what did you do? Tell me Kaan      : We visited places, roamed around, had fun [...]

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Video 9: Benim Ailem (My family)

Zeynep       : What are you looking for Aslı? Aslı               : My camera, I want to take some pictures in Cappadocia. Zeynep       : Use your phone. Aslı               : No, I want to use that camera. Oh look what's here! An album! Is this your album? Zeynep       : Let me see… Yes it's mine. [...]

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Video 8: Kapadokya Gezisi (Cappadocia Tour)

Kaan           : Hello guys. You know next week we have a trip to Cappadocia. Are you going? Aslı              : When is the trip? Kaan           : Between 18-21 May Zeynep       : Are you guys going? Murat         : Yes we are going. Aslı              : I want to go, how is the schedule? Kaan           : Here's the schedule. [...]

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Video 7: Günlük Yaşam (Daily Routins)

Aslı               : When is the ferry coming? Zeynep       : at three thirty. Hande        : Aa Aslı! Aslı              : Hande Abla! Hande       : Hello! Aslı             : Hello! Hande       : How are you? Aslı             : I am fine thank you, how are you? Hande       : I'm fine too. Thank you. Aslı    [...]

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Video 6: Sınıfta Kimler Var? (Who is in your class?)

Zeynep       : Do you guys have any foreigner students? Kaan           : Yes we do. We have two foreign students. Right? Murat          : No, we have 3 this year. Martin, Clara and Farouk Kaan           : Isn't Farouk Turkish? Murat          : No Farouk is Iranian. Zeynep       : All right. Where is Martin from? Murat          : Where's Martin [...]

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Video 5: Pidecide (At the Pide Restaurant)

Zeynep       : I'm hungry. Aslı               : Me too. Zeynep       : Do we have food at home? Aslı               : No we don't . Zeynep       : Do we have anything to eat at home? Aslı              : We don’t. Zeynep       : There is a pide restaurant over there, Should we go there? Aslı               : Okay, let's [...]

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Video 4: Markette (At the Market)

Zeynep      : Hello! Salesman  : Hello, welcome. Zeynep      : Thank you. Aslı             : Do you have fresh (daily) milk? Salesman  : Yes we do. Aslı              : One bottle please. Zeynep      : Do we have yoğurt at home? Aslı             : Yes we do. We don't have eggs though. Are the eggs fresh? Salesman : Yes [...]

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Video 3: Pazarda (At the Street market)

Pazar      : street market Pazarcı   : shopkeeper Aslı                 : Kolay gelsin*    (*Phrase: may it be easy) Gözlemeci   : Thanks, Welcome! Aslı                 : What type of gözleme* you have?  (*Turkish pastry) Gözlemeci   : We have gözleme with spinach, potatoes, cheese, eggplant, cheddar, mushrooms… Whatever you want, we have it. Aslı [...]

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Video 2: Kahvaltı (Breakfast)

Video 2: Kahvaltı  (Breakfast) Aslı                   : Zeynep Zeynep            : Yes. Aslı                   : Are there forks and knives on the table? Zeynep            : Yes there are. There is honey, cream, cheese and olives,…. The door Zeynep            : Welcome! Kaan-Murat   : Hoşbulduk*    (*respond for welcome) Aslı                   : Good morning! Kaan-Murat   [...]

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