//Neler Aldın? (What Did You Buy?)

Neler Aldın? (What Did You Buy?)

Aslı            : Zeynep, look what I got.
Zeynep     : From shopping?
Aslı            : Yes. There’s a very good deal on sales.
Zeynep    : Has the sale started?
Aslı            : Sure, it has.
Zeynep     : What did you buy?
Aslı           : I bought this t-shirt an that shirt.
Zeynep    : Love it! I want to go shopping as well. The new shop is opened at the street, Shall we go there?
Aslı          : Sure, let’s go.
Zeynep   : By the way, I want to buy a gift to my mum as well. A birthday gift. You know we’ll go on the bayram*. (*
Aslı          : What do you want to buy?
Zeynep   : My mom likes jewelry. I want to buy a silver necklace.
Aslı          : Okay then let’s go to Kemeraltı. There’s a wide choice there.
Zeynep  : Okay, Let’s first go to the shop then go to Kemeraltı
Aslı         : Okay, that’s fine.
Zeynep  : Okay.

Zeynep          : Hello
Shopkeeper : Welcome
Zeynep          : Thanks
Shopkeeper : How can I help you?
Zeynep           : We’re just looking.
Shopkeeper : Sure.
Zeynep         : Aslı, look how is this?
Aslı                 : Nice
Zeynep          : Is there a discount on this?
Shopkeeper  : Yes thirty percent.
Zeynep          : Okay, Does is come in other colors?
Shopkeeper : Yes, it has.
Zeynep          : How is this one?
Aslı                : Very nice.
Zeyenp         : But I want a jacket.
Aslı               : There are some jackets over there
Zeynep         : But I allready have a denim jacket.
Aslı               : What about this?
Zeynep         : I love it. Very nice! Can I try it on?
Shopkeeper : Of course! What is your size?
Zeynep         : 38
Shopkeeper : Here it is.
Aslı                : Is there a mirror?
Shopkeeper : Of course! Right over here.
Zeynep         : I really like this. How does it look Aslı?
Aslı                : It suits you well.
Zeynep          : How much is it?
Shopkeeper : It’s written on the label.
Zeynep          : Okay, I’m buying it.

Cashier         : How would you like to pay?
Zeynep         : Cash.
Aslı                : Well you bought it. It’s very nice
Zeynep         : I liked it as well.
Cashier        : Here you go.
Zeynep       : Kolay gelsin!*  (*Phrase: may it come easy)


Shopkeeper : Welcome
Zeynep         : Hoşbulduk*  I was looking for a silver necklace. (*respond for welcome)
Shopkeeper : Of course. What kind of necklace do you want?
Zeynep         : I’m looking for something for my mother.
Shopkeeper : Of course. Here are the necklaces.
Aslı                : There are a lots of nice stuff here.
Zeynep          : Yes. Isn’t this very nice?
Aslı                 : Yes. That one is nice too. And this one.
Zeynep           : Um, how much is this?
Shopkeeper  : 130 lira.
Zeynep          : Don’t you have any discount?
Shopkeeper  : 120 lira is ok.
Aslı                 : Okay, what about this one?
Shopkeeper  : 200 lira
Zeynep          : Oo too expensive.
Aslı                : Yes, what about that one?
Zeynep         : No, I don’t like it. Um is 120 lira final price for that?
Shopkeeper  : 110 lira is fine.
Aslı                : How about 100 lira. We are students
Zeynep         : Yes
Shopkeeper : Okay, for ones.
Zeynep         : Okay I’m buying it
Shopkeeper : Would you like a gift wrapping?
Zeynep         : Yes please
Shopkeeper : Sure.

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