/A2 Dialogues

The Interview

Erdem Bey   : Yes. You may let her. Aslı                 : Hi, I am Aslı Vural. Erdem Bey   : Hi, I am Erdem Önder. Welcome. Aslı                 : We have talked on the phone. I’ve sent the application form for internship. Erdem bey   : Yes, yes I remember. How are you? Are you fine? Aslı                 : [...]

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Tatil Hazırlığı (Preparing for Holiday)

Zeynep        : Finally we are going on holiday. I am very happy. Aslı                : Is your luggage ready? Zeynep        : It’s ready. Aslı                : What are you doing? Zeynep        : I am looking at the hotels photos. Ayy Aslı the sea looks very nice. Aslı                : I think there are a [...]

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Dedikodu (Gossip)

Aslı                 : Aaa isn’t that Banu? Zeynep          : Yes. That’s her. Aslı                 : Who is that next to her? Kaan              : Allah Allah* How can I know that? Aslı                 : Ay I am very curious. Just asking. Kaan              : Go and ask her. Aslı                 : I don’t know him.  Zeynep is telling though. Go ahead. [...]

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Renting a Flat

Aslı             : What’s up? Murat         : Fine. You? Aslı             : Good. I just got out off class. What are you doing? Kaan          : We are looking for a flat for Murat. Aslı             : Are you looking for a flat?  Are you moving? Murat         : Yes. My landlord  is selling the flat. Aslı             : Really? [...]

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Helva Tarifi (Halva Recipe)

Aslı                 : I’ll get it. Ayda              : Hi, My mum sent you Aşüre Aslı                 : Hi, thank you so much my dear. Say hello to your mum. Zeynep          : Who is that? Aslı                 : The next door neighbour. She sent Aşüre. Zeynep          : I love aşüre! Aslı                 : What are we going to send? [...]

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Doktor Ziyareti (Visiting Doctor)

Aslı                 : Zeynep are you home? Zeynep          : I am here. Aslı                 : Aaa what happend? Are you sick? Zeynep          : I don’t know. I don’t feel good. Aslı                 : What’s wrong with you? Zeynep          : I am coughing. I also have a headache. Aslı                 : You also have a fever. Zeynep          : Is there [...]

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Kına Gecesi (Henna Night)

Hande           : Girls ellerinize sağlık*. Everything looks good. (thanks for doing) Özlem           : Yes, finally it is done! Deniz             : Where is Özge? Aslı                 : She is inside. She is wearing the bindallı* (traditional dress for henna night) Özge              : Girls, How do I look? Hepsi             : You look beautiful. Hande           : Say “maşallah”*  [...]

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Kahve Falı (Coffee Fortune Teller)

Aslı                 : Zeynep, I got tired. Shall we have a coffee there? Zeynep           : Ok. There is a fortune teller there. She knows everything. We came here with Gamze the other day. Let’s go there. Aslı                 : I can’t believe you. Seriously? Zeynep          : Yes, what’s wrong? Aslı                 [...]

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Bayram Ziyareti (Bayram Visit)

Grandmother        : Nur Where have they been? Mother (Nur)        : They on the way. They’re coming. Grandmother-mother : They are here! Mother                 : Welcome! Zeynep                 : Hoş bulduk * (respond for hoş geldiniz) Mother                 : I missed you a lot. I am very happy. Where have you been? Come in. [...]

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