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Bus Ticket

Hi Hi, welcome Hoşbulduk. Is there a bus to Antalya? Sure, there is. Is there  a bus every day? Yes there is. We have at least 3 times a day. Really? Yes, We have 4 times on Monday, Friday and Saturday and 3 times for other days. Very good. When are you planning to go? [...]

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The Interview – Formal Speeches

In this video from Chapter 7, we tried to demonstrate the use of common expressions, behaviors and formal language as well as use of ability verbs. You are already familiar with the ability modal from A1 level’s video titled “Pazarda Alışveriş” and “Pidecide” with conversations about shopping and ordering food. In the blogs of those [...]

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The Interview

Erdem Bey   : Yes. You may let her. Aslı                 : Hi, I am Aslı Vural. Erdem Bey   : Hi, I am Erdem Önder. Welcome. Aslı                 : We have talked on the phone. I’ve sent the application form for internship. Erdem bey   : Yes, yes I remember. How are you? Are you fine? Aslı                 : [...]

2018-05-25T13:13:40+00:00 6 Mayıs 2018|

Using Present Tense

In the video titled “Vacation Preparations”, we tried to emphasize the use of present tense as well as conjunctions frequently used with this mode. Present Tense – Present Continuous Tense In our previous article, we talked about the challenges in learning and teaching indefinite past tense which has no equivalent in many languages. In this [...]

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Tell me what happened…

In the video titled “Dedikodu” (Gossip) in chapter 5, we tried to demonstrate the use of indefinite past tense. The tense called indefinite past tense in Turkish is one of the most challenging topics for foreigners learning Turkish. In grammar, past tenses conjugated with the suffix -DI are called “belirli” (definite),“-di’li” (with -di) or “görülen [...]

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Tatil Hazırlığı (Preparing for Holiday)

Zeynep        : Finally we are going on holiday. I am very happy. Aslı                : Is your luggage ready? Zeynep        : It’s ready. Aslı                : What are you doing? Zeynep        : I am looking at the hotels photos. Ayy Aslı the sea looks very nice. Aslı                : I think there are a [...]

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We are House Hunting

In the video titled “Rental House” in Chapter 4, we tried to emphasize the expressions and behaviors used in house hunting, renting and realtor dialogues. Helpful Turks In the survey we conducted, one of the most popular responses was about Turkish people being very helpful. The surveyed participants expressed the following comments while talking about [...]

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