//Tatil Hazırlığı (Preparing for Holiday)

Tatil Hazırlığı (Preparing for Holiday)

Zeynep        : Finally we are going on holiday. I am very happy.
Aslı                : Is your luggage ready?
Zeynep        : It’s ready.
Aslı                : What are you doing?
Zeynep        : I am looking at the hotels photos. Ayy Aslı the sea looks very nice.
Aslı                : I think there are a couple of pools as well.
Zeynep        : Let me see. There are three.
Aslı                : Forget about the pool, We swim in the sea. Also Antalya must be hot now. We can have a sunbath.
Zeynep        : Aa won’t we swim in the pool?
Aslı                : We can swim in the pool too. What do we do at nights?
Zeynep        : I don’t know. Sometimes we stay at hotel, sometimes we go out. Depend on our mood. When is the flight?
Aslı                : At 8.00
Zeynep        : Hurry up, then. Other wise we’ll be late.
Aslı                : Did you call Burcu?
Zeynep        : I called. She is not answering.
Aslı                : I hope she won’t be late.
Zeynep        : Should we get a towel?
Aslı               : We shouldn’t . There must be some at hotel.
Zeynep        : Ok. We already have lot’s of things.
Aslı               : Aparently we are ready.
Zeynep        : Yes, but let’s check. We got our mobile phones, wallets.  Did you get the bateries?
Aslı                : Yes.
Zeynep        : Ok we are ready then.
Aslı                : Oh! I forgot my hat.
Zeynep        Common hurry up! We shouldn’t miss the bus. I think it’s beter to take the metro. Traffic would be a mess now.
Aslı                : You are right. Let’s take the metro.

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