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Video 1 Merhaba

First time meeting
Formal and informal greetings
Daily expressions

Video 1 Blog Greeting in Turkish

Video 2 – Kahvaltı

Typical Turkish breakfast
Eating habits of Turks
Popular and local Turkish foods and drinks
var and yok (there is /there is not)

Video 2 Blog Turkish Breakfast

Video 3 – Pazarda

Video 4 – Markette

Shopping at the weekly street market and at the market.
Conversation between customers shopkeepers
Express request, suggestion, invitation with modal “may”, “can”, “let’s”

Video 3-4 Blog Shopping at the Street Market

Video 5 – Restoranda

Ordering food at the restaurant.
Conversation between customers and waiter
Express request, suggestion, invitation with modal “may”, “can”, “let’s”

Video 5 Blog Popular Turkish Food

Video 6 – Sınıfta Kimler Var?


Talking about what people look like
Physical description
Turkish traditional game backgammon

Verb “to be”
Physical appearance adjevtives

Video 7 – Ne Yapıyorsun?

Video 8 – Kapadokya Gezisi

Everyday routines
Talking about habits and everyday life.
Telling time / schedule
Talking about travel plans
Present continues tense

Video 7-8 blog Turkish people in Daily Life

Video 9 – Benim Ailem


Family and relatives
Talking about family and relationship

Video 9 Blog Family and Relative Relations Among Turkish People

Video 10 – Gezi Nasıldı?

Video 10 – Neler Aldın?

Talking about past events conversation.
Conversation about shopping clothes / accessory
Traditional Turkish shops and bazaar
Bargaining phrases
Past tense, copula past tense

Video 10-11 Blog Shopping and Bargaining