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Video 1 – Bayram Ziyareti

Bayram greetings and rituals
Bayram foods and desserts
Respect shown to elder
Turkish hospitality
Past continuous tense

Video 1 Blog Turkish Hospitality and Bayram Traditions

Video 2 – Kahve Falı

Turkish coffee
Traditional coffee shop
Fortune telling – Beliefs
Talk about future
Future tense

Video 2 Blog Believe it or not

Video 3 – Kına Gecesi

Henna night preparations and costumes (bindallı)
Henna night ceremony ritulas
Turkish folk music and tradional dance

Future tense

Video 3 Blog The Tradition of Henna

Video 4 – Neyin Var?

Visiting doctor
Talking about health problem
Giving advise

Optative – imperative modality – gerek / lazım

Video 4 Blog Doctor’s visit

Video 5 – Helva Tarifi

Aşure (Noah’s pudding)
Turkish tradition: Sharing food with neighbours
Food preparation and recipes
Tradional sweet helva

optative – imperative modality – gerek / lazım

Video 5 Blog My Mum Sent You Ashura

Video 6 – Emlakçıda

Direction & Prepositions
Asking direction
Conversation at the estate agents
Expressions and phrasal verbs

Prepositions – propositional phrase

Video 6 Blog We are House Hunting 

Video 7 – Dedikodu

Talking about other people

Indefinite past tense

Video 8 – Tatil Hazırlığı

Holiday plans
Talking about holiday

Simple present tense contexts
Simple tense conjuctions.

Video 7 Blog Using Present Tense

 Video 9 – Staj Görüşmesi

Job interview
Formal speech
Asking and talking about abilities

Modal for  “can” “could”

Video 9 Blog Abilities and Possibilities