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Bus Ticket

Hi, welcome
Is there a bus to Antalya?
Sure, there is.
Is there  a bus every day?
Yes there is. We have at least 3 times a day.
Yes, We have 4 times on Monday, Friday and Saturday and 3 times for other days.
Very good.
When are you planning to go?
I am planning to go on Wednesday next week. So there are 3 times on Wednesday.
Yes it’s true.
What time are the buses?
I am looking now. 7.00 o’clock in the morning. 1 o’clock in the noon and 24.00 o’clok at the night. There is a discount for Wednesday and Thursday tickets.
Oh really? How much are the tickets?
Normally 100 lira. We have %20 percent discount. So it’s 80 lira.
So how long does it take from İzmir to Antalya?
Approximately it takes 6.30 – 7 hours
So the morning bus arrives to Antalya at 1.00
Traffic is busy in the morning. So morning buses usually arrive at 1.30 to Antalya.
I think buses departure from the terminal. Right?
Yes, but we have a shuttle service  from downtown. You can go to the terminal by
Do you have a shuttle service  in Antalya as well?
Yes we have a shuttle service to downtown.
Very good. I should take the noon bus. I guess the service bus time would be very early for the morning bus.
Yes. It starts at 5.30 in the morning.
Okay. I’ll take the noon bus on Wednesday.
Sure. Do you have a preference for front or back seat?
it could be near the front.
There is only one seat on the front left.
No, I don’t want the front row.
So let’s look at the 2nd or 3rd row.
Do you prefer window or aisle seat?
Window seat please.
It could be number 8 in the 2nd row or number 12 in the 3rd row.
Doesn’t matter. 8 is fine.
Your name?
Last name?
Do you pay with cash or credit card?
80 lira right?
Alright. Here is your ticket. Shuttle service schedule is written there. You may also follow on our website.
Thank you
You are welcome. Enjoy your trip.

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