//Helva Tarifi (Halva Recipe)

Helva Tarifi (Halva Recipe)

Aslı                 : I’ll get it.
Ayda              : Hi, My mum sent you Aşüre
Aslı                 : Hi, thank you so much my dear. Say hello to your mum.
Zeynep          : Who is that?
Aslı                 : The next door neighbour. She sent Aşüre.
Zeynep          : I love aşüre!
Aslı                 : What are we going to send?
Zeynep          : We need to cook something.
Aslı                 : Let’s make aşüre too.
Zeynep          : It’s hard to make aşüre. I don’t know, do you?
Aslı                 : I don’t know either.
Zeynep          : Actually I want helva* (*halva, Middle east traditional sweet)
Aslı                 : Wheat flour helva?
Zeynep          : Hı hı.
Aslı                 : I don’t know how to make that either.
Zeynep          : Me neither, but let’s call my mum.
Hello mummy!
Anne              : Yes my dear.
Zeynep          : What are you doing?
Anne              : I am fine. What are you guys doing?
Zeynep          : We are fine too. Mummy  we would like to make helva, but we don’t know how to make it. Could you    please describe how to cook it?
Anne              : Do you have ingredients?
Zeynep          : What do we need?
Anne              : Only flour, sugar, milk and butter.
Zeynep          : We have them all.
Anne              : Ok, first  put 3 glasses of warm milk in a cup, add sugar and stir.
Zeynep          : Ok.
Anne              : Than put half a pack of butter and a little bit oil in a separate pan and add flour.
Zeynep          : How much oil?
Anne              : One glass is enough. Actually one tea glass is enough and then cook them for half an hour.
Zeynep          : Half an hour?
Anne              : Yes. Cook slowly over low heat. Stir continuously. After cooking it add the milk and sugar mixture slowly. Stir again. 2-3 minutes later turn off the heater.
Zeynep          : Ok mum. We’ll try.
Anne              : Ok my dear. I forgot. You may add walnuts or hazelnuts.  Let me know how it becomes. Ok?
Zeynep          : Ok mummy. I’ll call you.
Anne              : Ok see you my dear.
Zeynep          : See you mummy.


Zeynep          : It smells very nice.
Aslı                 : How is it?
Zeynep          : Very good.
Aslı                 : So we are giving some to the neighbor.
Zeynep          : Hı hı.

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