The Interview – Formal Speeches

In this video from Chapter 7, we tried to demonstrate the use of common expressions, behaviors and formal language as well as use of ability verbs. You are already familiar with the ability modal from A1 level’s video titled “Pazarda Alışveriş” and “Pidecide” with conversations about shopping and ordering food. In the blogs of those [...]

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Using Present Tense

In the video titled “Vacation Preparations”, we tried to emphasize the use of present tense as well as conjunctions frequently used with this mode. Present Tense – Present Continuous Tense In our previous article, we talked about the challenges in learning and teaching indefinite past tense which has no equivalent in many languages. In this [...]

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Tell me what happened…

In the video titled “Dedikodu” (Gossip) in chapter 5, we tried to demonstrate the use of indefinite past tense. The tense called indefinite past tense in Turkish is one of the most challenging topics for foreigners learning Turkish. In grammar, past tenses conjugated with the suffix -DI are called “belirli” (definite),“-di’li” (with -di) or “görülen [...]

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We are House Hunting

In the video titled “Rental House” in Chapter 4, we tried to emphasize the expressions and behaviors used in house hunting, renting and realtor dialogues. Helpful Turks In the survey we conducted, one of the most popular responses was about Turkish people being very helpful. The surveyed participants expressed the following comments while talking about [...]

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My Mom Sent You Ashura.

In the video titled “Halva Recipe” in the 4th chapter, we tried to explain the ashura (aşure) tradition and neighbor relations in Turkey while emphasizing the grammatical structures used in recipes. What is “Ashura”? In Turkish “aşure” (aşura – ashura) is the name of a dessert made by simmering various grains, dried fruits and nuts [...]

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A Doctor’s Visit

In the video titled “What’s wrong?”, we’re giving examples to a patient-doctor dialogue by using optative, advice and necessitative structures. Patient – Doctor Dialogues In this video, you watched how a doctor’s appointment is made, then the conversation between the doctor and the patient. First of all, it’s important to note that the language between [...]

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The Tradition of Henna

Given in the chapter on future tense, the video titled “Henna Night” talks about the henna tradition and henna night rituals in Turkish culture. Derived from the Arabic word “hına”, henna is the dried and powdered form of the henna tree leaves. Powdered henna is mixed with water to create a mixture of soft dough [...]

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Believe it or not

In 3rd chapter of the book A2, the video titled “Turkish Coffee Reading” talks about traditional beliefs for reading Turkish coffee cups while emphasizing the use of future tense in colloquial language. Future Tense in Colloquial Language One of the main characteristics of Turkish taught to the students is that it’s a language that is [...]

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Turkish Hospitality and Bayram Traditions

In the video titled “Bayram Visits” in the first chapter of A2 book, we talked about the bayram traditions and hospitality of Turkish people. As for the grammatical angle, we emphasized the use of past continuous tense. In order to understand the bayram traditions and the video content better, it’s best to first talk about [...]

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Shopping and Bargaining

In videos 10 and 11, we talked about past tense constructions, shopping dialogues as well as common expressions and behaviors. In this section titled “Gezi Nasıldı?” (How was the trip?), you will see that the actors are talking about a past event. In this question-and-answer dialogue, we tried to emphasize the sentences in which past [...]

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