//Video 7: Günlük Yaşam (Daily Routins)

Video 7: Günlük Yaşam (Daily Routins)

Aslı               : When is the ferry coming?
Zeynep       : at three thirty.
Hande        : Aa Aslı!
Aslı              : Hande Abla!
Hande       : Hello!
Aslı             : Hello!
Hande       : How are you?
Aslı             : I am fine thank you, how are you?
Hande       : I’m fine too. Thank you.
Aslı             : Zeynep is my roommate. Zeynep, Hande is our ex neighbour.
Hande       : Really? Nice to meet you.
Zeynep      : Nice you meet you too.
Aslı             : Are you going to the ferry?
Hande       : Yes, I am going home. Are you guys going to the ferry as well?
Aslı             : Yes but there is ten minutes. Let’s talk a little.
Hande       : All right, So how’s school going?
Aslı             : Şöyle böyle*   (*pharase: so so, not bad))
Hande       : Are you two staying together?
Zeynep      : Yes we are staying together.
Hande       : Isn’t house work hard?
Aslı             : No, we go to school every day so we’re home most afternoons.
Hande       : Do you cook?
Zeynep      : Yes we do.
Hande       : Who cooks better?
Zeynep      : Well Aslı does it better, and I cook the pasta.
Hande       : That’s great. Ellinize sağlık*. What do you do on the weekends?
(*pharase: thank for cooking”, “good cooking”)
Aslı            : We wake up late normally. Eat breakfast, and all it’s 12 pm. Then somethimes we go shopping
Zeynep      : Sometimes we clean.
Hande       : How nice! Don’t you go out night times?
Aslı             : We do. Sometimes our friends are coming to us. Sometimes we go out. What about you Hande Abla ? What are you doing, how is the life going?
Hande       : The same. On the weekdays  I go from home to work and back from work to home.
Aslı            : Is your work tiring?
Hande       : Of course it is, always! Girls business life is very hard. Student life is the best. Enjoy it!
Zeynep      : Everyone says so.
Aslı              : Hande Abla, are you still painting?
Hande        : Yes I am, I go to course on the weekends.
Aslı              : Hande abla paints really well.
Zeynep       : Really? How nice!
Hande        : Aslı’cım what does your sister do?
Aslı              : She is fine. She is going to get marry five months later.
Hande         : Oh really? I am so happy.
Aslı              : The ferry is coming.
Hande        : Hurry up girls! Let’s go!

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