//Video 9: Benim Ailem (My family)

Video 9: Benim Ailem (My family)

Zeynep       : What are you looking for Aslı?
Aslı               : My camera, I want to take some pictures in Cappadocia.
Zeynep       : Use your phone.
Aslı               : No, I want to use that camera. Oh look what’s here! An album! Is this your album?
Zeynep       : Let me see… Yes it’s mine.
Aslı               : Let’s have a look.
Zeynep       : Okay. These are my childhood photos.
Aslı               : I can’t believe it! You’re so cute.
Zeynep       : Really? I’m so ugly. Look at that hair!
Aslı               : Isn’t that your mom and dad?
Zeynep       : Yes, It’s them. They’re so young, right?
Aslı               : Who’s that?
Zeynep       : That’s Banu. My primary school friend.
Aslı               : Isn’t there a picture of you’re brother?
Zeynep       : Yes, It’s there.
Aslı               : Who are they?
Zeynep       : This is my babaanne* (*grandmother: father’s mother) , this is my grandfather and this is my hala* (*aunt: father’s sister)
Aslı               : I can’t believe it! You look so much like your hala!
Zeynep       : Yes right, everyone says so.
Aslı               : You’re brother looks a lot like your dad.
Zeynep       : Yes, and here’s a picture of me with my teyze* (*aunt: mother’s sister)
Aslı               : Do you have a dayı*  (*uncle: mother’s brother)
Zeynep       : No I don’t. I don’t have an amca* either, I have two teyze and one hala. (*uncle: father’s brother)
Aslı               : I have one dayı, two hala.
Zeynep       : Look, this is my anneannem* (*grandmother: mother’s mother) and dede* (*grandfather)  and my cousins.
Aslı               : How nice! Now all the photos are on the computer or phone!
Zeynep       : Don’t you have an album?
Aslı               : I do but it isn’t here.
Zeynep       : Bring it when you go home for vacation! We’ll have a look at them.
Aslı               : Okay.

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