//Video 6: Sınıfta Kimler Var? (Who is in your class?)

Video 6: Sınıfta Kimler Var? (Who is in your class?)

Zeynep       : Do you guys have any foreigner students?
Kaan           : Yes we do. We have two foreign students. Right?
Murat          : No, we have 3 this year. Martin, Clara and Farouk
Kaan           : Isn’t Farouk Turkish?
Murat          : No Farouk is Iranian.
Zeynep       : All right. Where is Martin from?
Murat          : Where’s Martin from?
Kaan           : He’s German
Aslı              : Martin. Is he that very tall and chubby guy?
Kaan           : Yes Martin is very big.
Murat          : We also have Clara
Zeynep       : Clara. Is she that tall, auburn girl?
Kaan           : No. Clara isn’t very tall, she’s not auburn either.
Aslı              : Isn’t she a brunette, average height  girl?
Murat          : Yes right.
Aslı              : She has straight, short hair.
Kaan           : Yeah yeah.
Zeynep      : Allright. Where is Clara from?
Murat          : Spain.
Zeynep       : Okay,  but who is the tall, auburn girl?
Murat          : We don’t have a girl like that.
Kaan           : Oh, I see. That’s Sara. She is Italian, but she is in 2nd grade.

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