//Video 4: Markette (At the Market)

Video 4: Markette (At the Market)

Zeynep      : Hello!
Salesman  : Hello, welcome.
Zeynep      : Thank you.
Aslı             : Do you have fresh (daily) milk?
Salesman  : Yes we do.
Aslı              : One bottle please.
Zeynep      : Do we have yoğurt at home?
Aslı             : Yes we do. We don’t have eggs though. Are the eggs fresh?
Salesman : Yes it is.
Aslı             : Ten eggs please.
Salesman  : Anything else?
Zeynep       : One bread as well.
Aslı              : How much?
Salesman   : 12 lira.
Zeynep       : Here you go.
Salesman  : Do you have any change?
Zeynep       : Sadly no.
Aslı              : Wait, I have some
Salesman  : Here you go.
Zeynep      : Thanks, have a nice day.
Salesman  : Have a nice day.

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