//Video 10: Gezi nasıldı? (How was your trip?)

Video 10: Gezi nasıldı? (How was your trip?)

Kaan      : Hello
Zeynep : Hello, welcome!
All           : Hoş bulduk*   (*respond for welcome)
Zeynep : Soo, how did it go?
Kaan     : Really good.
Murat    : But it was a little tiring.
Zeynep : So what did you do? Tell me
Kaan      : We visited places, roamed around, had fun
Aslı        : We visited a lot of places, Goöreme, Ürgüp, Peribacaları we walked
a lot around.
Zeynep  : So, how was the weather?
Kaan       : It was nice, not too hot. But the afternoons were chilly.
Zeynep  : So did you go to the underground city?
Murat     : Yes we did, It was really interesting. I really liked it.
Zeynep  : So, did you go to shopping?
Aslı         : No not really, we bought a couple of things but that’s it.
Zeynep  : How was the hotel? Did you like it?
Murat     : Not bad.
Aslı          : The rooms were very comfortable, but the breakfast wasn’t very
good. I didn’t like it.
Zeynep  : So did you go on the balloon tour?
Kaan       : We did, It was very impressive. The view was  great!
Murat     : Yes.
Zeynep  : Why didn’t you go?
Aslı         : I didn’t want to get up at 5 am. I went to bed very late the night before .
Zeynep : What did you do at nights?
Aslı         : We went out one night, but it was very nice. There was a karaoke party the last night. It was super!
Aslı         : So how was your weekend?
Zeynep : It was very boring, I studied throughout the weekend
Aslı         : How did exams go?
Zeynep : Eh, not bad
Kaan     : Guys I’m out, the lesson is starting, see you guys later.
Murat    : Okay, have a nice class.
Zeynep-Aslı : See you!

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