//Video 5: Pidecide (At the Pide Restaurant)

Video 5: Pidecide (At the Pide Restaurant)

Zeynep       : I’m hungry.
Aslı               : Me too.
Zeynep       : Do we have food at home?
Aslı               : No we don’t .
Zeynep       : Do we have anything to eat at home?
Aslı              : We don’t.
Zeynep       : There is a pide restaurant over there, Should we go there?
Aslı               : Okay, let’s go.
Zeynep       : Haydi* (*come on)

Zeynep       : Excuse me?
Waiter         : Yes, welcome.
Zeynep       : Thanks, Can we have a pide with minced meat and  salad?
Waiter         : Sure, you?
Aslı              : Is Pide all you served here?
Waiter         : No, we have döner as well.
Aslı              : Oh okay. I’ll have döner please.
Waiter         : One portion?
Aslı              : Yes one portion.
Waiter         : Drink?
Zeynep       : Ayran
Aslı              : Yes, yes ayran.
Waiter         : Anything else?
Zeynep       : No thanks.
Waiter         : Okay I’m on it.
Zeynep       : Thanks.

Aslı              : Check please!

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  1. Marwa 24 Eylül 2017 at 05:33 - Reply

    Such a great way to learn Turkish easily .. all our thanks for your great efforts ⚘

    • Ayşin Önder 24 Eylül 2017 at 11:47 - Reply

      Thank you so much for appreciating our efforts. I hope it helps you to learn Turkish and Turkish culture.

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