//Video 2: Kahvaltı (Breakfast)

Video 2: Kahvaltı (Breakfast)

Video 2: Kahvaltı  (Breakfast)

Aslı                   : Zeynep
Zeynep            : Yes.
Aslı                   : Are there forks and knives on the table?
Zeynep            : Yes there are. There is honey, cream, cheese and olives,…. The door

Zeynep            : Welcome!
Kaan-Murat   : Hoşbulduk*    (*respond for welcome)
Aslı                   : Good morning!
Kaan-Murat   : Good morning!
Zeynep            : Ta ta ta taam!
Kaan               : Oh great!
Kaan               : Here are warm *simits   (*bagels)
Murat             : Have these as well.
Zeynep           : What are those?
Murat             : Böreks* with spinach. (*Turkish pastry)
Zeynep           : Love them, go ahead

Aslı                 : Kaan, is there bread on the table.
Kaan               : No there isn’t.
Aslı                 : The bread’s here.
Özgür             : I am so hungry
Kaan              : Me too
Aslı                 : Here you go, eggs with sausages
Kaan              : Ooo, eline sağlık* (*phrase: “thanks for cooking”)
Aslı                 : Afiyet olsun*    (*phrase: Enjoy your meal!)
Kaan              : Thanks!
Zeynep          : Afiyet olsun.

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