//Video 8: Kapadokya Gezisi (Cappadocia Tour)

Video 8: Kapadokya Gezisi (Cappadocia Tour)

Kaan           : Hello guys. You know next week we have a trip to Cappadocia. Are you going?
Aslı              : When is the trip?
Kaan           : Between 18-21 May
Zeynep       : Are you guys going?
Murat         : Yes we are going.
Aslı              : I want to go, how is the schedule?
Kaan           : Here’s the schedule. The morning of 18th May we have a flight to Kayseri by plane. Then we’re going to Ürgüp by bus.
Murat         : What time is the flight?
Kaan           : The flight is at 07:15,  we land to Kayseri at 8:30, and we’ll take the bus at 10:00
Zeynep        : How far Ürgüp from Kayseri?
Kaan           : It’s about an hour.
Murat          : So around 11:00 we arrive at Ürgüp.
Kaan           : Yes that’s right. At Ürgüp we go to the hotel first, we leave our luggages then we meet up with the guide and our trip will begin.
Murat         : How is the trip plan?
Kaan           : Peri Bacaları, the Underground City, Ihlara Vadisi, Göreme houses on the schedule… I mean we go  everywhere.
Zeynep        : What about the hotel?
Kaan           : Looks good.
Aslı              : Do we stay at the same hotel every day?
Kaan           : Yes we do.
Murat          : Is there a balloon trip?
Kaan           : Let me check. Yes there is on the last day.
Aslı              : The balloon tour is very early in the morning, right?
Kaan           : Yes it’s at 5 in the morning
Aslı              : That’s very earl, how long does it take?
Kaan           : It takes 1 – 1,5 hours
Murat          : Then what do we do?
Kaan           : After the tour we leave the hotel, and we go to Kayseri by bus at 2 on the afternoon. At 16.40 we board the plane.
Zeynep        : Do you know how is the weather in Cappadocia this season?
Kaan            : It’s nice in the day time, but the nights are chilly. Grab a jacket.
Murat          : So, are you coming?
Zeynep        : Do you want to go?
Aslı              : Yes I really want to go, don’t you?
Zeynep        : Me too, but I have two exams that week.

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